Sunday, April 5, 2020

Pradeep Kumar Patel


In 2014, I was very much in debt from working in investment companies, I was very upset because I had no work, I was looking for a job in which there is no fear of any kind of debt and I can effortlessly fulfil my dreams. At the Beginning of 2015, I got a network marketing plan and started working. I saw lot of problems because this business was completely new to us. But after doing this business for a few days, I was convinced that I would fulfil all of my dreams by doing network marketing business, I worked hard, but after working for 8 months the first check was just 800 still I did not lose my confidence because I believed in my abilities and then after 27 months of work, I took the first car from network marketing, earned millions of rupees, I also found the level of Crown Director in the company and I had a team of thousands today, now I feel proud because I worked in this industry today, in that thousands of people fulfilled their dreams with me. I like this industry so much; I work on the network marketing industry with my whole family. I believe that network marketing is a sea from which you can fulfil all the dreams of your life, but today you will have to face hard work and many challenges, Unemployment has become a major disease not only in India but all over the world, if people get the right guidelines and if you bring your trend towards network marketing, then trust that the this industry can give you access to your success. Today I came in the field of blogging, whose only purpose is that I can share my experience with you and the problems that I have seen you can reach the success without seeing the those problem.